Where are you Going?

Shahjehan Khan
2 min readDec 7, 2021
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In the years since the 2011 Tohoku tidal wave, which killed over 16,000 people, taxi drivers in some of the worst-affected areas, such as Ishinomaki, have reported that they are picking up “phantom travelers.”

Yuka Kudo, an understudy of human science at the Tokuko Gakuin College, has met more than 100 drivers as a portion of the investigation for her graduation proposition. All of the drivers he spoke with agreed that they were picking up a genuine person. Moreover, they began using meters, and a few of them recorded their experiences in logbooks.

One of the men who met stated that he picked up a young lady who asked to be transported to Minamihama a few months after the disaster. He made it apparent to her that nothing had been removed out there. The taxi driver went on to say that the passenger said, “Have I died?” and that when he turned to look at her, she had vanished.

Another driver related how he had transported a young man in his twenties to a specific city area, only to find himself alone when he arrived. All of the spooky travelers were depicted as young. Ms. Kudo accepts that “young individuals feel emphatically chagrined [at their passing’s] when they are unable to meet the individuals they love” and that “as they need to communicate their intensity, they may have chosen taxis… as a medium to do so.”

None of the drivers stated that they were scared during these events. “(Through the interviews) He realized that the passing of each casualty holds significance… he needs to communicate that,” Yuka Kudo said.

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