UFO Fly by a Plane in Colombia

Shahjehan Khan
2 min readApr 13
This is a confirmed sighting of a UFO flying near a plane

In March of 2023, a UFO passed by a small private jet very fast, caught by one of the pilots in Colombia, Antioquia province.

You can see how the pilot of the aircraft is recording something far away in the clouds at the beginning of the video. There is soon a moving black dot there.

The dot suddenly moves fast toward the plane and passes it in seconds. The pilot speaks in Spanish for a moment.

When viewed in slow motion, the item appears to have a metallic surface and resembles a standard “flying saucer” UFO when flipped on its side.

Although the item in the video has no similarity to either, critics have theorized that it is a balloon or some form of probe. But it is not a balloon that could fly that fast.

When several Spanish-speaking bloggers looked into the video’s origin, they discovered it was shot from a Beechcraft plane flying at 120 knots.

There are also rumors that the pilot who recorded this video has been located and insists it is 100% authentic. He does not, however, wish to be mentioned in the media. Nor the men in black will be after him, and they will ruin his life.

Oh, by the way, this is not a military craft.

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