UFO Crash-landed in Brazil in 1996

Shahjehan Khan
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An alien attacked and killed a person

On January 13, 1996, the United States Air Force fired a UFO and crashed six miles from a medium-sized town in southeast Brazil.

You think this is made up or science fiction, but this is all too real. It happened, and the story has been floating ever since. Aliens have visited Earth.

The three girls who have witness an alien encounter

Three individuals are involved: two 14- and 16 sisters and a 21-year-old friend. Saw a terrified extraterrestrial with large red eyes crouching behind a wall. The alien creature saw the girls, and so did the girls too. And the girls ran back home.

The creatures growl at them. And it was about to attack them, but immediately it was captured by the Brazilian military.

The aliens killed this person by scratching him and infected him

One of the military personnel grabbed one of them, which immediately infected him. The alien creature scratches him and eventually kills him instantly. His mouth was foaming. He was already dead.

For 26 years, the Brazilian military has been carrying out a significant cover-up, using threats of execution to support their actions.

Carlos de Sousa, a university professor, and novice ultralight pilot, claimed to have seen the crash on January 13, 1996, in Varginha, Brazil.

De Sousa describes the spacecraft in the movie as the size of a school bus, a submarine-like shape, and a wound in the back from which white smoke flows. He likens the UFO’s jerking and rocking motion to a broken washing machine.

De Souza claims that when he arrived at the collision scene, he noticed shards of metal, resembling thin aluminum foil, scattered around the field. He claimed that after crumpling a piece of metal in his hands, he let it go, and it reverted to its former form.

He claims the military arrived shortly after, yelling at him to leave.

“Let’s Go!, Let’s GO!” They shouted, one of the officers holding a rifle to his face, “Please. I’m ordering you. To leave.”

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