The Haunted Liverpool Adelphi Hotel: One Night is Enough

Shahjehan Khan
3 min readMar 26, 2022
Jessica Sims and Ellie-May Spent the night at a haunted hotel in Liverpool

Jessica Sims and Ellie-May Ramsay from the Isle of Man said they “couldn’t sleep” following their terrifying adventure at Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel, which is known to be haunted by poltergeists and spirits.

After a “terrifying” incident, two young women were forced to exit their hotel room. After hearing tales that ghost hunters had seen spirits “swearing at them” while staying at Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel, Jessica Sims, 22, and Ellie-May Ramsay, 19, flew from the Isle of Man to Liverpool.

The duo, who run their own YouTube channel, decided to conduct their investigation and report back in their most recent episode. But, according to the Liverpool Echo, the hotel “didn’t feel right” from the moment they checked in on January 9, and they kept “feeling people walking through them.”

“One of the first things we noticed when we checked out the room was that it kept going from incredibly warm to really cold,” Jess explained to The ECHO. We both had goosebumps and shivered for no apparent reason at times.

“There was also a gunshot from the inside going through the window, which was eerie.” While on a trip around the hotel, the couple brought their camera, a spirit box, and an EMF reader to see if they could interact with spirits.

Ellie stated she didn’t see anything but “felt people moving straight through her” as they strolled around the hotel, while Jess said she kept seeing shadows. “The only way I can explain it is that I saw these gigantic, dark shadows in front, to the side, and behind me, and everything went cold,” Jess added.

“I didn’t witness anything,” Ellie said, “but I can guarantee you’d go from cold to normal, then boiling, all in the blink of an eye.”

“It was also eerily calm. Yet the camera would go crazy.”

The girls, who had been interested in ghost hunting for around three months, also claimed to have smelled “rotten flesh” while wandering through parts of the passageways.

According to Jess, who spoke with The ECHO, “I checked it up since then, and a rotting flesh odor has to do with poltergeists and demons, which was terrifying. I couldn’t get the smell out of my head for days. I always take a shower, but the…

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