The Claire House in Ogdensburg, NY: I See You

Shahjehan Khan
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This is a creepy house to live in, priests and nuns used to live there

In New York, there is a 10,000-square-foot estate where monks and nuns previously resided, and some claim that they never left. Is the former Catholic rectory inhabited by other ghosts and a woman with a skeleton face?

The popular paranormal investigators Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti are featured in the Discovery+ streaming series Ghost Hunters. This team was summoned to Ogdensburg, New York, to investigate whether the structure now referred to as Clair House, “A Haunted Bed & Breakfast,” is haunted.

The Claire House building was erected and used as a residence for priests around 140 years ago. Over time, the structure has served as an orphanage, convent, and private home. Employees and visitors at Claire House today describe running across the ghost of Bishop Conroy, a laughing mystery ghost, and nuns.

At Claire House, the family who lives now have reported hearing footsteps moving back and forth in the hallways at odd hours, hearing doorknobs rattle, and seeing images of a young girl. And their interactions were terrifying for the family.

Would you live in a haunted house, even though you were drawn to the house? We could love the house’s exterior, but when we go inside, we could feel something negative. And the realtor would run away with the deposit of the first rent.

The house also has a hidden room with windows, but there is no door to access it. Instead, there is a staircase that blocks the doorway. It is still being determined what used to be in the room.

The Ghost Hunter team recorded several voices, such as “I see you” and “Ask your mum,” while investigating different rooms of the house. And one could hear the footsteps.

The most unsettling part was when the teenage sons saw ghosts in the house. One was a little girl, and the other was a strange apparition in the bedroom. The older brother refused to sleep in his room because he believed it was haunted by a ghost that would scare anyone. After realizing that the spirit in the bedroom was friendly, the older son went back to his bedroom.

They also had a cadaver dog search the backyard for any deceased bodies that may have been on the premises. The headstones were moved, but the remains were buried in the backyard.

The history of a house is always significant. We might admire the house from the outside, but we could feel the negative energy once we entered.

This could be an excellent location for a wedding or a family reunion.

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