Terry Lovelace: Devil’s Den UFO Abduction

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2 min readJun 23, 2022
Terry Lovelace got abducted by a UFO in 1977

In the summer of 1977, Terry worked for the US Air Force as an EMT at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. He and a coworker took time off on the weekend in June to visit Devil’s Den State Park in the northwest Arkansas Ozarks. On the first evening, when they conversed and ate around the campfire, Terry and Toby unexpectedly saw a blue light zoom into view. The craft that emitted the light soon came into view. It was a dark triangular prism that stood around five stories high. The men were illuminated by a laser beam that suddenly emerged.

Despite appearing to rotate slowly, they remained arranged in a triangular configuration. With each step upward, it became brighter and brighter. As it soared, the triangular structure became bigger and picked up a little speed, obscuring entire fields of stars. Finally, it stopped abruptly over our heads, creating what appeared to be a massive triangular in the sky. They were sucked in.

A craft was being worked on when they were there. And later, they were under it.

He was waking up and feeling groggy.

“What are these kids doing in the middle of the night?” Terry asked Toby.

“They aren’t little kids. Don’t you remember they took to use, and they hurt us?” Toby replied.

The aliens abducted them from the camp!

Vague memories of being aboard the ship flicked through Lovelace’s mind, but he couldn’t correctly piece together what had happened. Both men suffered severe burns and dehydration and were hospitalized for a few nights.

They were soon interviewed by special agents from the US Air Force’s Security Police, specifically their OSI (Office of Special Investigations) division. However, due to their jobs, reputations, and sanity, the two friends decided not to tell anyone else what happened.

In 2012, during a routine check-up from their doctor. One of the doctors found something implanted deep into the tissue: a strange piece of metal with two wires attached. Could it be a tracker?

Terry Lovelace had 40 years of nightmares. He still has a phobia of crossing open ground. He still sleeps with LED night lights around his bedroom and a gun beside his bed.

No matter what they saw, it couldn’t be real. But it was real. What do these chips mean, and what do they want from them? And why did the government so eagerly try to interview them?

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