Rise of the Social Media Sites

Shahjehan Khan
2 min readNov 22, 2020

The rise of the new Social media sites. What does this mean? We have new websites that are the same as Facebook and Twitter but in the alternate universe. Meaning, they don’t fact check you, but you can write anything that you like, and your data is protected, and it is free to sign up. If I was you, please don’t put in any hate language or threaten people on these sites. It is considered a hate crime.

Here are the sites:



The First Amendment protects political speech. However, they don’t tolerate hate crimes and threatening people. It’s like Twitter, but different. Check out their term of service here.



You can speak freely and express yourself with your views. It’s like Twitter, plus you can engage with real people and not robots. Parler is a foundation to respect privacy, personal data, and free speech. Remember no harsh words and threatening people on this site. Tried it out here.


It’s like Facebook, but different. It has group pages and everything you like. You can say anything you want because it’s free speech. You can write in broken grammar and MeWe don’t care. If I was you, write good English. Try it if you like it here

Shahjehan Khan

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