Monkey Attacks on a Beach

Shahjehan Khan
2 min readMar 22, 2023
This is dangerous, and I prefer the Zoo. Wild animals are dangerous!

On camera, a father from Australia scoops up his son in a panic as armed monkeys assault them on a beach in Thailand.

Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu, who have 1.8 million YouTube subscribers thanks to their travel-related videos, were on Ko Phi Phi Don island’s Monkey Beach with their two young sons.

Why? These are wild animals. A zoo is much better.

One of the monkeys started looking inside their luggage as Whitelum and his sons, Lenny, 5, and Darwin, 1, watched some monkeys on the beach.

Maybe the monkeys were hungry? Have anyone seen Planted of the Apes (the prequel movie)

In an attempt to drive the monkey away from the family’s possessions, the 38-year-old raced at it, but the monkey lunged at him.

Then it swung at Darwin.

Whitelum gathered the wailing kid in his arms as more irate monkeys approached them.

Five monkeys swarmed him as he ran to grab the bag left on the beach.

Although the monkeys wanted to open the bag, Carausu claimed that it didn’t contain food but rather their phones, wallets, and passports.

Maybe the monkeys wanted to get off the island and use their passports.

Whitelum returned to rescue their belongings without his kids while fending off the monkeys.

He wound up bleeding on his hand after being wounded by a monkey’s tooth, putting him at risk of getting rabies. This fatal virus is communicated to humans by the saliva of rabid animals.

When she heard screaming coming from the shore, Carausu was out snorkeling at the time.

“I’m not kidding, sweetie. They went for Darwin,” Whitelum told her as she returned to the beach following the encounter.

It was busy, said another acquaintance who was at the time on the beach. It was genuinely terrifying and might have given Darwin permanent fear.

Whitelum chastised the crowd for standing by and doing nothing to assist.

It was astounding, he declared.

The family traveled into town to seek medical assistance, where the clinic’s personnel informed them that they see one to two patients…



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