Mental Illness is a Killer

Shahjehan Khan
3 min readMay 26, 2022
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Authorities stated the 21 people killed in the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday were in two contiguous classes at Robb Elementary School. After engaging school police officers and barricading himself inside, the gunman killed 19 children and two teachers.

This is horrifying!

According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Salvador Ramos,18, scribbled “I’m going to shoot my grandmother” roughly 30 minutes before his rampage at Robb Elementary School. It was just minutes before he opened fire at a Texas Elementary School. He killed 19 children and two adults. And he posted on his social media accounts.

I mostly post about paranormal stories, but this one sickens me. It’s tragic to see children dying. I feel so sad and angry.

What triggered Salvador Ramos? His peers bullied him because he had a stuttering problem and a lisp. And he became a bully too. He almost killed his grandmother over a disputed argument. At work, he was distant away from his co-worker. He didn’t want to talk. He was upset about something.

He didn’t even graduate from high school. Bullies can be mean. He didn’t have to do this. He was upset and angry about something.

But why the elementary school? Did he mistake his high school for the elementary school? When he crashed his vehicle near the elementary school. Rage is evil when you don’t think clearly.

He barricaded himself in a classroom by locking the door and started shooting children and teachers inside the classroom. It wasn’t him. Couldn’t he be demonic? Couldn’t he be possessed? Something droves him mad and rage. And once the bullet hit him and he fell to the ground. Couldn’t it be released, and he finally died from a bullet wound.

I don’t know; that’s my theory. But it could be something different.

There were many signs in Salvador, and no one noticed. He was distant and quiet. But now, it raises the questions of mental illness. The educator’s board keeps talking about gender and transgender, which drives the students crazy. Stop talking and listen to the children. Educated them that they need to survive in the real world. Who cares about gender and transgender! They need to survive! If teachers can’t teach a proper lesson. Fire them!

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