Lyndia Morel UFO Encountered

Shahjehan Khan
3 min readJun 4, 2024
Lydia Morel spotted a UFO

Lyndia Morel’s peaceful trip home took a terrifying turn when she saw an enigmatic object and had a perplexing episode of time travel. Was there a case of abduction by aliens?

On the night of November 2, 1973, Lyndia Morel, a masseuse at the Swedish Sauna in Manchester, New Hampshire, signed out of her job. She made a pit stop for gas, had coffee with a friend, and then drove home to Goffstown, about eight miles west of Manchester.

As she drove Highway 114 into the suburbs of Manchester, she saw a bright light in the sky. It was yellow at first, then flashed blue, green, and red. Or it could be a stop light, but it wasn’t. That seemed strange, but she continued driving, believing it to be a planet. After driving for about a mile, she noted it remained in the same spot in her line of vision, but it appeared to be getting brighter.

Lydia lit a cigarette as they approached the interchange of highways 114 and 114A. The light flickered off as she moved across the intersection, but it returned later.

It was back where it had been, ahead and to her left. The light disappeared twice more, appearing more substantial each time as she drove into Goffstown and the city.

She was shocked to see the light reappear just ahead of her on Highway 114 after passing through Goffstown; this time, it was even closer…



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