Haunting of Ignatius Hospital

Shahjehan Khan
2 min readMay 12
Renovating an old building would be hard to do, especially when it is haunted.

The Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, known as the Nuns, founded Ignatius Hospital in Colfax, Washington, in 1905. Initially, the hospital was located in a small house on Main Street, but it soon became apparent that they needed more space. So, in 1910, the Nuns purchased a larger building on Second Street and relocated the hospital. As the hospital expanded, a new and modern facility was opened in 1950. It’s worth mentioning that the Nuns still own the hospital.

Ignatius Hospital has provided healthcare to Colfax and the surrounding area for over 100 years. The hospital's long history of providing quality patient care is essential to the community.

The hospital was originally a nursing school. In 1941, the school graduated its first two male nurses.

In 2016, Ignatius Hospital merged with Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane. As a result, the hospital is now known as Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center — Colfax.

The hospital’s first death occurred in 1893 with F. E. Martin. His restless ghost is said to roam the corridors of St. Ignatius Hospital after being crushed to death between two train cars.

Valoree Gregory, Chamber Executive Director, heard a full-on conversation and saw a dark shadow come down the Hall and felt a ghostly kick to the back of her boot when no one was around her.

When paranormal investigators started to use their equipment, they picked up the sound of screams inside. But none of the investigators screamed. So, it is truly haunted.

A look at what is referred to as “Rose’s Room.” Tour guides say that her spirit still resides here.

When the building was renovated, the ghost and the hauntings escalated by scaring the construction workers. Items would be missing and reappearing.

And even apparitions would show up, scaring the workers.

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