Camila Cabello Caught a UFO

Shahjehan Khan
2 min readOct 13, 2022
Camila Cabello saw a UFO

Camila Cabello caught a UFO flying near her while touring in South America. She and her parents were hiking near a trail next to a beautiful mountain.

The UFO is circle

During the hike and photoshoot in which, she put in video mode. Three fast-moving objects zip by fast. According to her, it came from three directions. They are not birds of any kind. Nor a glitch. They were UFOs flying by. She didn’t know until after, and she slowed the video to catch UFOs.

When interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, the audience was silent, and it looked like they couldn’t believe what they saw and witnessed. UFOs and aliens are out there.

More images of the UFO flying. What mountain is this?

She is skeptical too. Her parents like to watch documentaries about UFOs but did not expect to catch one while hiking in South America. However, she loves nature and the beautification of the land and earth.

South America has massive popularity of UFOs and the paranormal. So I hope it did not follow her in any way.



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