Alien Quarters

Shahjehan Khan
2 min readJun 25, 2022
This is an Alien Quater. if you see one like this, keep it. It may be valuable in the future

Have you ever dug around in your wallet and found a particular quarter that you need to put into the washing machine at a laundromat?

My washing machine was broken at home. So, I had to use the laundromat across town. It’s a good place.

Anyway, a Michigan man has gained attention online. It’s a rare coin that looked like an extraterrestrial design. This is real. Not photoshop or anything at all. It’s real. He was inspecting a large bag of quarter rolls and when he opened the older pieces with high sliver content had a bust of an extraterrestrial (an alien). It stood out from the rest of the quarters.

The alien face quarter had the word “Liberty” at the top and the year 1937 printed at the bottom.

I really don’t know where the coin came from, and Many believe it is a “Hobo Coin.”

The Hobo Coin is a Small-denomination coin creatively altered in the hobo nickel (or hobo coin) sculpture art form, effectively turning them into miniature bas reliefs. Due to its size, thickness, and relative softness, the US nickel coin was preferred. Unfortunately, a hobo nickel is a generic phrase, as carvings have been produced using a wide range of denominations.

The term “hobo nickel” came from this medium’s popularity among hoboes because of its low cost and portability.

Between 1913 and 1980, it is estimated that approximately 200,000 classic hobo coins featuring individually made works of art by the homeless were produced.

However, the identity of the author of this particular sample is still a mystery. Therefore, even the identity of this coin as a “hobo coin” is not specific.

So if you have one of these, please do not use it. Just keep it. Or, if you are a coin collector, you know what to do — Keep it. It may be valuable in the future.

Or if an alien comes into your room and looks for it. Just give it to the alien. And the alien will go away.

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