A Ghost Called an Uber

Shahjehan Khan
2 min readMay 10
picture by Canva — Ghost Girl

An e-hailing driver, similar to Uber, had a scary experience when he transported a woman who requested to be dropped off at a cemetery.

Ahsan Ismail, the driver, a 37-year-old Muslim, claimed to have gotten a booking for a late-night pickup from the Pending Muslim cemetery near the Samarahan Heart Center.

When he spotted the destination, he claimed he was at first suspicious but quickly explained that the passenger had chosen the closest landmark.

“When I got there (the pickup location), I found a woman standing there wearing a dark-colored baju kurung and tudung. I didn’t glance at her (face) because it was dark, and I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

But afterward, the father of three recalled to Harian Metro, “I heard her soft voice asking to lower the window near her seat.”

He kept silent to her the entire way and concentrated on driving.

Ahsan claimed there was a potent scent in the vehicle that he assumed came from the passenger but otherwise dismissed.

He told his passenger they had arrived when they got to the cemetery, about 11 kilometers away, without turning to look at her.

He turned around when she didn’t answer his horror at finding nobody there.

The Ghost girl tips the driver.

“I believed she was asleep, but when I turned around, nobody was there. However, there were just enough five sen coins and old money notes in the RM1 and RM2 to cover the RM13 price.

At least she tipped the driver.

“I sped out in my car and immediately called my pal on the video to tell him the tale. I got home around one in the morning, but I didn’t tell my wife about it until the next day,” he added.

So, he picked up a ghost on the side of the road.

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