There are often cameras set up on trees deep in the woods by hunters to see what wildlife lives there, but a hunter in Montana captured a bizarre creature — so strange that it might not belong here.

An eerie gray humanoid was captured by Donald Bromley’s camera deep in…

Dulce is a small town with just under 3,000 and is home to the Jicarilla Apache Reservation’s tribal headquarters.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists claim that humans have teamed up with aliens in Archuleta Mesa Mountain after years of fighting them.

In the mid-1970s, reports of alien activity began to surface.


As you may know, our America’s Grandma passed away on New Year’s Eve at the age of 99. She died at home with natural causes.

She would have been 100 in January. But, we could still watch the reruns of The Golden Girls either on syndicated channels, TV Land, or…

In 1990, Leah Haley was abducted by aliens. Her experience is like a dream, and she later seeks hypnosis. She was born in 1951 in Decatur, Alabama, and served as a certified business administrator.

She was a household name in the UFO community by coming out and telling her story…

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